Tuesday, July 13, 2010

t a t t o o

Im pretty keen to get a tattoo and there's just 3 things holding me back, getting something Fresh & Different that no one else has, Something that i wont regret 10 years later & Something that has meaning &&& so far i havnt thought of anything that fits my criteria.... But i like all of these especially the dream catcher and hand tattoos . xxx let me know if you have any ideas too!


  1. oh i love these, i really want a tattoo on one of my fingers but apparently its one of the most painful! im so scared, will have to pluck up the courage eventually though!

    just discovered your blog, I love it :)

    Oh, Restore


  2. i have basically the same worries as you
    but ah they are all so interesting

  3. i love dream catchers but I think that one is a bit big.. don't you? i prefer small ones :) a good place to get a tattoo is on the ankle (my opinion) xx